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The Garden of Life Memorial, located in the cemetery of Ventotene, contains the vestiges of the island roots with the life stories of some people buried there  and with some of their personal belongings.
The Memorial is aimed mainly to  the island’s future children, so that they can understand better  the most intimate story of their land, its values and its passions. 
Visitors will have the chance to understand these vestiges too.

For those children of tomorrow, some of the current inhabitants have voice recorded some secret wishes  and recommendations and have left them in a Time Capsule, which will be only opened up after 2088. 

The Memorial stems from the Spirit of a woman whose body lies under the sand of this garden: Carla. A whisper in the wind, an echo repeated by a chorus of souls: "Go and tell the never ending life".
An overwhelming smile is reflected in such a unique place where Death didn’t have the last word.

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